• Jasper: A Precious Valentine

    2 videos  |  Rent $4.99

    When Jasper and his human family head up to Bald Mountain for a picnic to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Jasper gets a crash course in love.

    The picnic is a special one for Ben and Kylie. Ben has decided to share with Kylie some memories of her mother, who passed away when Kylie was little. As fat...

  • Jasper: A Christmas Caper

    2 videos  |  Rent $4.99

    It’s the Christmas season and Jasper and his human family are in high spirits as they travel to visit far-away friends a few towns over. When Jasper and his pal, Moxie the dog, get out of the yard and wander down a strange alley, the two friends are headed straight for one big adventure!


  • Jasper: A Turkey Tale

    2 videos  |  Rent $4.99

    As the gang prepares for the big Thanksgiving celebration, Jasper the Mule and his pal, Moxie the Dog, are hot on the trail of adventure! A mishap with a truckload of turkeys turns into a real live mystery, as the boys solve the case of “The Beady Eyes in the Bushes!”

    When they make a new frie...

  • Jasper: Story of a Mule

    1 video  |  Rent $4.99

    Young Jasper the mule learns life lessons about friendship and love in the very first installment of the Jasper series. Appropriate for all ages!

    25 minutes

  • Jasper: A Fabulous Fourth

    2 videos  |  Rent $4.99

    It’s the Fourth of July and a big celebration is brewing at Happy Valley Ranch, but Jasper the Mule is puzzled. “How can a country have a birthday?” he asks. With the help of Moxie the Dog and the rest of his friends, Jasper learns how our country’s forefathers worked hard to build America into t...

  • Jasper Goes to Bishop

    1 video  |  Rent $4.99

    Animated character Jasper the Mule wants more than anything to compete at Bishop Mule Days in Bishop, California, but he doesn’t think he’s got what it takes. One morning, he discovers he’s been magically transported into the real world, and he sets off for Bishop Mule Days. Along the way, Jasper...

  • Jasper the Mule - All Episodes

    11 videos  |  Rent $29.99

    In Meredith Hodges’ award-winning animated series, a young mule named Jasper, along with his best friend, Moxie the Dog, and the rest of the gang, have a series of adventures packed with excitement, laughs, mysteries and plenty of fun! Each of the Jasper the Mule animated episodes teaches a valua...

  • The Making of Jasper

    4 videos  |  Rent $4.99

    Ever wondered how animation is made? Go behind the scenes in four short films and find out! You'll see how Jasper's world is created in miniature first, how the artists get inspiration to animate the characters, how important music is and how all those crazy sound effects are made.